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We are the QLD distributor for Signode and have a range of strapping systems, steel, poly and PET strapping tools, parts and also arrange repairs. Seals, buckles and edge protectors are also available.

Rope Wound: Coils have oscillated wraps, which produce a coil width greater than the strap width. This is the normal production for all sections 19.0 and narrower. Individual Coils mass is approximately 50kg and packaged bundles contain 10 coils for a nominal 0.5 tonne mass. Jumbo Coils, with a nominal coil mass of 350 to 450 kg are available in a limited number of section, can minimize coil handling and improve overall efficient

Ribbon Wound: Coils have each wrap positioned directly over the preceding wrap so that the width of the coil is the same as the nominal strap width. This is the normal production coil for 31.7 mm material. Ribbon winding is also available for widths of 19 mm or less in standard or regular grade.

Strapping Grades

The use of quality Steel Strap is a cost effective method of securing products for transport. Steel strap is available in three major grades. These are:

Regular or Standard Grade: Light Packaging Applications
A low grade steel grade intended for applications requiring moderate strength and not subject to high shock loadings. A typical application is the fastening of Carton to pallets.
Basic Specification:
Strap Widths: 12.7, 15.9, 19.0, 31.7 mm
Strap Thickness: 0.40 to 0.56 mm
Elongation: Nominal 3 – 5%

Super Grade: Premium Strength and Reliability
A medium carbon heat treated steel grade used in heavy duty applications requiring high strength and good ductility. Uses include the unitizing of bricks and steel pipes into bundles and fastening heavy loads to pallets.
Basic Specification:
Strap Widths: 15.9, 19.0, 31.7 mm
Strap Thickness: 0.45 to 0.80 mm
Elongation: Nominal 7 – 10%

Super 1250: Extremely Strong
A medium carbon heat treated steel grade having very high strength and moderate ductility. This grade is largely used to contain high density wool and cotton bales.
Basic Specification:
Strap Widths: 19.0 mm
Strap Thickness: 0.72 to 1.20 mm
Elongation: 4 – 7%

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Australian Manufactured Steel Strapping Colour Change Improvements

Please note this will not affect thickness of the steel only its colour. Zinc coated products will not be affected.

  • Changing to all Black steel strapping, will result in faster manufacturing times
  • Improvement to our DIFOT for our customers
  • Reduction of stock out issues
  • Able to handle new market share growth ( stock on the floor) not planned more efficiently with this new process.
  • Signode does not stock, or promote 12mm Apex steel strapping anymore.

Polyester (PET)

IWD Strapping Sales manufactures polyester strapping at its Stapylton production facility in Queensland. Polyester Strapping is a high strength, low elongation plastic material suitable for a wide range of applications including many that were traditionally reserved for the use of steel strapping ie, brick and timber. It can be used in a wide range of strapping equipment from basic hand tools to fully automatic strapping stations.

Polyester Strapping is available in a smooth or embossed surface finish and comes in a range of sizes to ensure the most cost effective solution to your strapping needs.

Plastic Strapping supplier by IWD Strapping Sales include:

Strap Width: 5mm to 32mm
Strap Thickness: Up to 1.3 mm
Finish: Smooth or Embossed

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A full range of Polypropylene Strapping covering hand grade through to premium grade material is manufactured from our Stapylton manufacturing plant located in Queensland.

Polypropylene Strapping is a low cost material used in a wide variety of high volume light duty applications. Typically used in the corrugated cardboard industry and meat and fish processing plants.

Please refer to the product specifications below:

Strap Width: 6mm to 19mm
Strap Thickness: Up to 0.9 mm
Grade: Hand and Machine

Depending on your Strapping needs, IWD Strapping Sales can provide a system that best meets your needs. Within the area of Powered Plastic Strapping Machines, IWD have formed a strong Partnership the Worlds Leading Innovator and Manufacturer in the range of Equipment, STRAPACK

With one of the largest range of Strapping Machines, we can provide a system that meets your industry needs. Examples of Equipment available include:

The innovative D-53 is the most modern Semi-Automatic strapping machine. Features include :Feed length memory, easy strap width conversion, soft tension capability

The most dependable strapping available. Features include: Easy strap loading, auto re-feed loop ejection, lubrication free operation. A wide range of options available to customize your RQ-8 to meet your specialized needs.

This side seal semi-automatic is used in extremely hostile environments where moisture and debris would damage a conventional machine .Designed for the food, brick, and tile industries.

Designed to strap pallet loads horizontally. Horizontally strapping prevents deformation of pallet loads and provides safety during handling and transport